American Gladiators is Back!


I just saw a commercial for the reincarnated American Gladiators! That completely rules! We used to huddle around the tube and watch that when I was growing up. I completely expect all of the gladiators to be complete tools, but totally awesome at the same time, just like they used to be. Oh man, I can’t wait.

Here’s the site.

This is How All Infomercials Should Be


I saw the best infomercial ever last week. Why aren’t all of them like this? It seems obvious to me that 2 beautiful busty girls (that ought to bring me some awesome search engine traffic, haha) showing the goods would be the industry standard. I know it got my attention.

So I went out on the series of tubes and found the actual video! The product is a total scam, but you see what I’m talking about with the ladies. Well played Jeff Paul, well played.

Great Super Bowl Commercials of the Past


With the Super Bowl coming up tomorrow, I got thinking of some of my favorite commercials from past years. Here are just four of them I remember, three are from Ameriquest, and my favorite of all time is from E Trade. Enjoy!

E Trade: 2 Million Bucks

Ameriquest: That Killed Him

Ameriquest: You’re Getting Robbed

Ameriquest: Bad Kitty

A Couple of Great SNL Skits on Google Video


I was looking for some Saturday Night Live skits on Google Video today and found a couple older ones that are just great.

The first is from what I consider the best SNL ever, when Jim Carrey hosted. I don’t know if he’s hosted multiple times, but this one was amazing. I believe it was also the very first sketch with the Night at the Roxbury guys. Anyway, this sketch has Will Farrell trying to relax in a hot tub. Jim Carrey shows up in lifeguard garb and takes over. He is completely obnoxious and awesome. My favorite line: “…next thing you know, a body goes under and there’s bloated carcass stuck in the filter!”

Jim Carrey as a lifeguard

Next is a commercial for a car for crazy people. Also starring Will Farrell, this is one of my favorite commercials on SNL. The sink to wash your hands every five minutes and the total randomness of other things makes it wonderful.

The Car for Crazy People

Great Finale


Tonight was the final for The Ultimate Fighter season 2. Rashad Evans beat Brad Imes and Joe Stevenson beat Luke Cummo. Both were great fights, both went to decisions. The main event was also a great fight that went to the judges. It was a great night of fighting, the UFC is getting better all the time.

Ultimate Fighter – Episode 6


I’m a regular viewer of SpikeTV’s Ultimate Fighter, now in its second season. Tonight’s show was the best yet. Jorge, who I picked to win the Welterweight class, finally fought. He fought the loose cannon of the show, Jason. Well, at first he was a loose cannon, since he showed up though, he’s really mellowed out.

Jason impressed me with his honesty before the fight. He admitted he was very nervous, excited, and had no idea how he was going to beat Jorge. The first round belonged to Jorge, but Jason wasn’t backing down. In the next two rounds, Jason did just what he needed to get the advantage. Jorge did all he could, but in the end, Jason put up the better fight. Very impressive.

Jason fights freestyle and has glimpses of last year’s Light Heavyweight champ, Forrest Griffin. Both fighters tonight have tons of heart, and I expect to see both of them in UFC fights when the show is over. Jorge will get surgery on his knee, then he can fight at full strength again.

Great show!