American Gladiators is Back!


I just saw a commercial for the reincarnated American Gladiators! That completely rules! We used to huddle around the tube and watch that when I was growing up. I completely expect all of the gladiators to be complete tools, but totally awesome at the same time, just like they used to be. Oh man, I can’t wait.

Here’s the site.

This is How All Infomercials Should Be


I saw the best infomercial ever last week. Why aren’t all of them like this? It seems obvious to me that 2 beautiful busty girls (that ought to bring me some awesome search engine traffic, haha) showing the goods would be the industry standard. I know it got my attention.

So I went out on the series of tubes and found the actual video! The product is a total scam, but you see what I’m talking about with the ladies. Well played Jeff Paul, well played.

It Was Bound to Happen


A couple days ago, I finally went to send back the copy of The Wall I had from Netflix for over a month. So I went to the post office and dropped the envelope in the mail box. Later when I came home, I saw a DVD sleeve sitting on my counter, so I thought about when I’d watch my other movie, Life is Beautiful. I planned on watching it later that night. The time came to watch the movie, and when I went back to that sleeve, I took a closer look and saw that it said The Wall on it. I took the DVD out, and it really was the DVD I thought I had sent back, which meant that I sent the movie back that I hadn’t yet watched.

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Great Super Bowl Commercials of the Past


With the Super Bowl coming up tomorrow, I got thinking of some of my favorite commercials from past years. Here are just four of them I remember, three are from Ameriquest, and my favorite of all time is from E Trade. Enjoy!

E Trade: 2 Million Bucks

Ameriquest: That Killed Him

Ameriquest: You’re Getting Robbed

Ameriquest: Bad Kitty

23, Oh No!


So I’m 28 years old now, and I’ve been 28 for 3 months. So 8-2=6, three times that is 666, oh no!

Also, my address starts with 16, and 2×8=16, add those up and you get 32, which is 23 backward, oh no!

I’m watching LeBron James play ball right now, his number is 23, oh no!

The numbers 2 and 3 are right next to each other on my keyboard…TWICE, oh no!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend, and it’s February 3, which is 2/3, oh no!

I grew up in a town with 7 letters, and a state with 6 letters, I have 10 toes, add those all up, 23, oh no!

I must be Jim Carrey!

Pan’s Labyrinth Soundtrack


So I’ve had a tab open for probably the past two hours or so. It’s the website for Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s a pretty neat looking movie. It’s being promoted as a fantasy movie for adults. I’m excited to see it one day in the distant future. Being in Utah, I don’t get to see many non-pop-culture movies in theaters, which is weird since this state is the home of the largest film festival in the US.

Anyway, check out the site, the music is awesome. I can’t get enough of it.
Link again.

How to Eat Fried Worms


I just stumbled upon this today while looking for a trailer to Snakes On A Plane (I wasn’t convinced it was actually a real movie, like that somebody thought that up and said “Hey, that’s a great idea”). A movie is being made about the book I have read more than any other book. I honestly had to do at least three book reports on How to Eat Fried Worms when I was in grade school.

I was excited to see the news that it is becoming a movie. It, of course, is a kids movie, but I’m sure I’ll see it one day. It could be one of those kid movies that isn’t too painful to watch. Now, they just need to make one about the other book I used for book reports, The Whipping Boy.

Link: How to Eat Fried Worms trailer