GrossRecently I happened to find myself at a website for a new Gold’s Gym game for the Wii. I instantly cringed at this image. That splash around her can only be intended to be sweat, right? I mean she’s fake working out, and when you really work out you sweat, so it must be. So if I get this game, my entire living room will be soaking wet, it will smell worse than a gym in New Jersey, and I’ll be so dehydrated that I’ll have to be driven to the emergency room? So nasty. Thanks Gold’s.

Middle-of-post-update: Hahaha, I just watched the video on that site. There is an awesome awkward mustache man dancing with a bunch of younger pony tailed workout girls about three quarters of the way through the video. Wonderful!

I might as well talk about my feelings toward video games requiring any physical effort more than movements of less than an inch by a few fingers.

No thanks.

I’ll admit it’s a genius marketing move. So many non-geeks and baby boomers now own video game consoles that it’s ridiculous. But for me, I have a bowling alley up the street, I own a tennis racket (racquet? nah, this is America!), I have basketball shoes, I can go to a real gym if I so choose, and I enjoy a sweat-free smell to my living room. Now if I want to run around killing zombies and what not, I’ll use one of my various video game consoles. And even if I do want to pretend to do something I already do outside, I’d rather just watch the little dude on TV do whatever it is I tell him to do with my thumbs and fingers.

Hole in One!


T BoneI’m pretty excited about this. I got my first hole in one on Hot Shots Golf Fore! Woohoo! Yeah, I’m a geek, and it rules!

The best part about it is that I did it on Advanced Mode. That means that all the grids, wind speed, target, and anything else to help tell you where your shot will go is off. It’s a tricky game to do real well at, and I’ve been playing it on and off for around four years, so this is a pretty big event. Yeah, good stuff, haha. Oh, that picture is T Bone, he’s the player I was using, and oddly enough, in the same outfit he’s sporting in that picture (there are 8 to choose from).