Windows XP Installation Setup Music


Finally! Every time I’ve installed Windows XP on a computer (maybe 7 times I figure), I try to find where that song is that plays during the initial setup. That song is so soothing and wicked awesome. Well, I finally stumbled upon a video that had a little walkthrough of where to find the track. Instead of showing the video and making you wait through it, I’ll just show the address here:


That’s it! I copied it from there and converted the file to an mp3. Now I’ll have it forever and ever! GREAT SUCCESS!

Sequoia View


I’ve been using a pretty nifty program for a few years now. It’s called Sequoia View. It scans a disk drive on your computer and displays the files on the drive graphically, based on file size and type. I’ve found it to be quite helpful when I am looking to clear up some storage on my hard drives. I’ve found large groups of files that I forgot about and no longer needed. You can color code different file types so you get a clearer picture of what files are being represented. You can do a number of things within the program that will help to zero in on where files are located on your disk drives.

It is no longer being updated with new versions, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine because it seems to work without a hitch for me. Sorry Mac users, it’s only for Windows. I imagine OS X may have something similar by now, but I have no need to find out.

Download it here.

DVR Time


I have finally arrived into the 21st century! Yesterday I went down to good old Baja Broadband (check out their amazing website) and upgraded my basic cable account. For years, Charter was the main cable company here, then Orange Broadband bought them, and they changed their name to Baja Broadband. Ever since the most recent change, the audio on some commercials has been all messed up, and their custom commercials (they embed regular commercials in their own little template thing they made to add their branding) look like a kid in junior high made them.

But I found out they offer some HD channels, which Charter never did, so I figured, hey, I’ll try it out. I ended up getting the digital box, which has a 160 gig hard drive for its DVR, as well as an HD tuner (or whatever it’s called). I’ve got so many things hooked up to my receiver, I was sure I’d lose some funcitonality, but I lucked out and still have everything hooked up with only 2 changes. My PS2 now has RCA audio instead of optical (I’m sure I won’t even notice), and I lost the ability to use the split screen on my TV for watching 2 different channels at the same time (I think I can get it back if I get a coax splitter).

I got the whole thing set up pretty quickly, and I love it! The HD channels look great, and I have a ridiculous amount of other channels now. I wanted to use the DVR, so I started programming it to record a bunch of shows. So exciting! I even found a movie playing last night that I’ve been trying to get a hold of for a while now, but couldn’t find; Pure Luck with Martin Short and Danny Glover. The grand total that I’ll have to pay on top of what is included in my HOA each month (I live in a condo neighborhood) came to a whopping $7. Nice.

Google Docs


Check this out!

Google Docs

Awesome, I had no idea this existed. Google Docs acts as a place to work on text documents and spreadsheets. I just found this a few minutes ago, so I don’t know too much about it, but it looks pretty sweet. You can export files to be compatible with Microsoft and Open Office, or as PDFs, RTFs, HTML, or plain text.

Obvious benefits are many. One comes to mind. A friend of mine teaches at a school. He gets bugged when students submit assignments in Open Office format because he doesn’t have that installed on his computer. With Google Docs, he could upload the file, then save it as whatever type of format he prefers. For anybody who deals with a lot of paperwork and a lot of people with different preferences, I can see this as a great tool to speed things up. It’s also a great way to centralize your work so you can access it from where ever you may be in the INTERNET.

I plan on trying this out. In my new venture into the mortgage industry, I think this will be a great tool to use to create PDFs and share spreadsheets with not so tech-savvy people. I can just send them a link and I won’t get any “My computer won’t open it” type of complaints. Good stuff.

Good Job Dell


I got a Dell laptop computer a little over a month ago. Along with it came a free upgrade to a comparable version of Windows Vista to the Windows XP version I ordered. That was pretty cool I thought, so I followed the steps to register. I got an email that essentially said that my registration was received and would be contacted if they needed any information. That’s the last I heard from Dell.

Since Windows Vista was released yesterday, I got a bit curious as to how I would redeem this upgrade. After some searching (only after trying to find anything official on Dell’s site), I found that the upgrade site is Well, it appears as though their planning went something like “Not many people will want to upgrade, so let’s put the site on that old server in the corner there.” Yeah, the site is impossible to reach.

Not that I’m over anxious about Windows Vista, but I’ve kind of been holding off putting software on the computer to avoid doing it all over again. So here I sit, waiting on Dell. Fun times.

The Best Mario Paint Music


I grew up right in the heat of the Super Nintendo days and cling to those memories tightly. With the recent implementation of videos and all kinds of great media on the ol’ INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY, I’ve been able to reconnect with a lot of things from those days, including playing a number of the games. Now, there’s a site that can easily consume an hour of my free time with great ease. That site is If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out, you’ll probably say something like “what the heck is this?” but then find yourself getting hooked.

Anyway…here’s my point. I currently have a tab open right next to this one in FireFox which is playing the best music from Mario Paint. It is so soothing that I’m having a hard time staying awake to type this. Mario Paint was an awesome game. I never accomplished much on it, but it was fun to play with the pre-loaded stuff the game had. It was easily the most random Mario installment to hit any gaming system that I’ve seen. So, here’s the link, I suggest you check it out and let the soothing take control:

Click for incredibly soothing music from Mario Paint.

Tape Deck for Your Computer


Got a bunch of awesome mix tapes from the high school days? I used to, not sure where they are anymore. I think my Ma & Pa have some pretty sweet recordings of me and my sisters doing our own version of The People’s Court on some good ol’ cassette tapes. Anyway, I mention these because ThinkGeek has a cassette tape drive for a PC. Pretty awesome stuff.

Link: Plusdeck 2c