GrossRecently I happened to find myself at a website for a new Gold’s Gym game for the Wii. I instantly cringed at this image. That splash around her can only be intended to be sweat, right? I mean she’s fake working out, and when you really work out you sweat, so it must be. So if I get this game, my entire living room will be soaking wet, it will smell worse than a gym in New Jersey, and I’ll be so dehydrated that I’ll have to be driven to the emergency room? So nasty. Thanks Gold’s.

Middle-of-post-update: Hahaha, I just watched the video on that site. There is an awesome awkward mustache man dancing with a bunch of younger pony tailed workout girls about three quarters of the way through the video. Wonderful!

I might as well talk about my feelings toward video games requiring any physical effort more than movements of less than an inch by a few fingers.

No thanks.

I’ll admit it’s a genius marketing move. So many non-geeks and baby boomers now own video game consoles that it’s ridiculous. But for me, I have a bowling alley up the street, I own a tennis racket (racquet? nah, this is America!), I have basketball shoes, I can go to a real gym if I so choose, and I enjoy a sweat-free smell to my living room. Now if I want to run around killing zombies and what not, I’ll use one of my various video game consoles. And even if I do want to pretend to do something I already do outside, I’d rather just watch the little dude on TV do whatever it is I tell him to do with my thumbs and fingers.

YouTube Fools


Go to YouTube and watch a video, good times! They’ve got a link to take it out of April Fool’s mode. I think you may also be able to get the same effect at any time if you add “&flip=1” after the address of any YouTube video. Awesome, I love April Fool’s Day online. I’ll try to update with more sites as I find them.

Update: This only worked on April 1, 2009.

Hole in One!


T BoneI’m pretty excited about this. I got my first hole in one on Hot Shots Golf Fore! Woohoo! Yeah, I’m a geek, and it rules!

The best part about it is that I did it on Advanced Mode. That means that all the grids, wind speed, target, and anything else to help tell you where your shot will go is off. It’s a tricky game to do real well at, and I’ve been playing it on and off for around four years, so this is a pretty big event. Yeah, good stuff, haha. Oh, that picture is T Bone, he’s the player I was using, and oddly enough, in the same outfit he’s sporting in that picture (there are 8 to choose from).

Hizzle Pizzle


Cool little thing here. I have an HP printer, as do many people. It’s out of ink, so instead of hopping down to the Wal Mark (I recently heard a woman refer to is as that, sweet), I surfed around on the webnets and found that HP’s own website has a pretty handy ordering system.

I managed to get both my black and color ink cartridges for a few bucks off of the normal price and a free ream of 24 lb paper all with free shipping. And it wasn’t even the 4-6 weeks type of free shipping. I ordered it last night, and the tracking with FedEx shows that it should be delivered today! Not too shabby INTERNET!

Update: It did show up today. Not sure when, but it was there when I got to work (my mailing address) at about 1:30 pm. Sweetness.

Macbook Wheel


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard
I love The Onion.

New Phone


Hot New TechnologyYes, I am getting a new phone! The bad news is that all my contacts are in my old phone, which is at the bottom of Lake Minneola, FL. That means I’m in need of many phone numbers, so if you know of any phone numbers, feel free to give them to me! I wouldn’t suggest putting your number in the comments here, but if you read this blog and know me, chances are you’ve already seen one of my other requests for numbers or you have my number and can send me a text or some other message to let me know your number. That was a long sentence!

My new phone has a high-tech hands free system, pictured herein.

Why I Hate Apple Part 1


I named this “Part 1” because I have many complaints about Apple, as in the snooty computer company. I wouldn’t care enough to post about them if they didn’t offer 2 great products. It’s just the fact that they have 2 superior products (iPod and Final Cut video editing software) that I am involved enough to really get annoyed with the way Apple does things. Everything else about Apple really gets under my skin. I’ll try to keep this one short-ish (I failed, so I put sub-headings in the post). It has to do with what I just spent the past hour of my time trying to figure out.

What I’m After

This has to do with my iPod…more specifically, with one of the most horrible applications ever spewed into the digital world: iTunes. One quick note, if somebody is reading this and knows of a better solution, PLEASE let me know of an alternative.

A while ago, I bought a large collection of audio CDs by a religious author of whom I have grown quite fond. His name is Truman G. Madsen. Shortly after buying the discs, I ripped them to my computer in mp3 format, the most universal compressed audio format around. So now that I have a nice new iPod (my old one died after only 5 years of very infrequent use, which is really a joke, VCRs typically last much longer) I figured I’d use the neat new Audio Books section to listen to Truman’s dissertations. Boy was I in for a surprise!

The Problem

I started by moving the files to my iPod using iTunes. Then I selected the files and looked for a place in the “Get Info” menu to set them to audio book files (since I could only drag the files to the iPod, not to a specific area). That option didn’t exist. I then turned to the iTunes help menu…no help. So I went to Google. The only solution I found (which I found in around a dozen different places) was quite the opposite of Apple’s claim of how “it just works.”

The Solution

Here’s what I found out, step by step, that I have to do to get this to work:

  1. Put the mp3 files into the iTunes library, the one on my computer, not my iPod.
  2. Change the import settings to import songs using the AAC format.
  3. Convert the mp3 files to aac files (hooray, I get to double compress the files since I have the CDs in storage).
  4. Here’s the fun part!

  5. Now, rename every aac file extension from .m4a to .m4b. Apparently that makes the files show up in iTunes as audio book files (nice and easy, since most people don’t even know what a file extension is).
  6. Add the newly converted and renamed files to the iPod. They will now show up in the Audio Books area.

Now, to me, that seems a bit more tedious than being able to drag the files directly into the Audio Books area within iTunes. I don’t know, call me lazy, but that seems like it would make the most sense. After all, there is an entire area devoted to audio books with its own little icon and everything. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to drag files into that area? If only I was smart enough to figure that out, maybe Apple would let me do it.

How I Would’ve Done It

I’ll now make a comparative step-by-step list of how I think it should be done, just for comparison’s sake.

  1. Drag mp3 files into the Audio Books area of the iPod contents within iTunes.

That’s not entirely true, I would have it set up to do it without the use of iTunes, but that is simply inconceivable.

Why I’m Mad at Apple

The fact that I couldn’t find anything about how to add my own audio book CDs to my iPod within Apple’s help files tells me one thing that I already knew about Apple, but for some reason, thought they may have lightened up on: If you are willing to pay Apple a lot of money, they will let you use their products in the way they decide you should use them on your own computer. Now isn’t that awesome? All I get when I use Windows is a choice of what software I would like to use to do whatever it is I want to do in whatever way I want to do it. I guess Windows doesn’t realize I’m too stupid to realize that the way I want to do it isn’t the cool or trendy way in which I should do it.


Thanks Apple! If I ever get rich enough to use only your products, maybe I’ll be able to run my computer just like everyone else with an Apple so I can be trendy and awesome!


Because in the end, I like things to work the way I think they should work (yeah, I’m a PC user, not a Mac user, I think for myself), I will most likely spend the time to re-convert those files, rename the file extensions, and put them on my iPod so I can pretend that Apple isn’t trying to ruin my brain.

If I post deeper into this series, you may see a recurring theme of how I feel that Apple is pure evil for 2 reasons. First, they require large sums of money to stay true to their products and be able to get full functionality out of the things for which end users have already paid. Second, they make it very difficult to customize the way their products work. I believe that is because they figure most people are too dumb to know what they want and might break things, so they just tell you that their way is the cool and groovy way to do it.

The End…for now.