NFL Primetime


Oh how I love this time of year! Week two is almost done with in the new NFL season. This year I am finally in a fantasy NFL league. I’ve played two seasons of fantasy NBA, and this is quite a bit different. You get one shot per week to pick the right players – quite a bit more hit and miss than with basketball. I think I like the change of style.

I lucked out and got Donovan McNabb, who had an amazing game today with over 300 yards and five touchdowns in just three quarters of play.

NFL Primetime on ESPN is my favorite sports show on television. A close second is Inside the NBA, which is on TNT. With so much great talent in the NFL, Primetime is a rush of great plays by incredible athletes. With Chris Berman and Tom Jackson, I find myself getting even more excited about the highlights than just watching them on SportsCenter. The Schwam’s “WHOOP!” and many other signature calls are very entertaining.

– On a sidenote, I am a devout Buffalo Bills fan. Their defense is incredible again this year, and the offense will get going as soon as JP Losman gets comfortable playing with the big boys.

This should be a great year in the NFL!

Hyperextended Big Toe


Kyle Boller\r\nSo in tonight’s Sunday night NFL game, Baltimore’s quarterback Kyle Boller just got a hyperextended big toe. Now, most people would say “Eh, that’s nothing,” but I know different.

Back in 2001, I hyperextended my right big toe while wakeboarding. The joint at the base of the toe moved up and down freely with a range of what seemed like a full inch. Over the next 2 weeks, that thing was super tender and swollen to its full capacity – you know, when your toes look like vienna sausages. Man, if I put any pressure on it, the toe would move up again and writhe with pain. I couldn’t even use the foot while driving, it was pretty bad.

So, if Mr. Boller’s toe is anything like that, I expect him out for a month or so. It will be interesting to see how sever it is. Oh, and the picture is one I found while searching Google for Boller, you may see that I like good random images if you follow this site at all.