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Terrell Owens as a Bill

Bills Blog


So a couple weeks ago I started blogging for a site called ContentQuake. They are looking for people to blog about each NFL team, so I signed up to talk about my team, the very injured, rebuilding, lost, Buffalo Bills.

If you’re curious, like I was, about what kind of situation a contract blogger (as I guess I am) has, I’ll explain. I’m required to post at least 6 times each week, spread out over at least 4 days of that week. Of course I can post more than that. The payment system works in a couple ways. First, I get my Adsense code in 40% of the page views that my blog gets, with the other 60% of the views going to ContentQuake’s Adsense code. That should work out to roughly 40% of the revenue from Google ads, but will vary depending on when the clicks come. So far, they’ve been very meager. Then they also have those automatically generated context links that show up in the content of the posts. Apparently they spread the revenue from those over the entire site amongst all the bloggers and pay them all evenly each quarter. The site is relatively young, so I doubt that will be much at all any time soon as well.

It’s been fun so far to blog about my favorite NFL team, even though there hasn’t been much interaction with anybody online yet. I seriously doubt this will turn into much money, but I’ll gladly do it, since it will only help me follow my team closer. I don’t imagine anybody is really interested, but if you are, you can check it out here.

Monday Night in Buffalo!


Finally! After nearly seven years of waiting, the Buffalo Bills will play a Monday Night Football game on Monday, October 8th, 2007! As a devout Bills fan, this is a small burst of light after they have successfully dealt off four of their best players so far this offseason (London Fletcher, Takeo Spikes, Nate Clements, and Willis McGahee). The game will take place in Buffalo, against the Dallas Cowboys. Buffalo’s had a couple rough games on national television against Dallas (think back to back Superbowls), but that’s all in the past. The last Monday night game they played in may have helped get them a seven year ban from Monday night. They lost to the Colts in 2000 by a score of 44-20. I’ll just be happy to see them play at home on national television. Go Bills!

Great Super Bowl Commercials of the Past


With the Super Bowl coming up tomorrow, I got thinking of some of my favorite commercials from past years. Here are just four of them I remember, three are from Ameriquest, and my favorite of all time is from E Trade. Enjoy!

E Trade: 2 Million Bucks

Ameriquest: That Killed Him

Ameriquest: You’re Getting Robbed

Ameriquest: Bad Kitty

Go Ducks, Go Ducks Go


Oregon vs. BYU in about an hour from now. Prediction: Oregon 72 BYU 0. I have a bet with the wager of a wooden nickel on the game, good stuff.

Go Ducks

Bills Got Peerless Back!


This is great news for Bills fans such as myself. Link

Only now, Moulds is gone. Blast, it’s either one or the other. It could be a while before two Bills receivers each have over 1,000 yards in the same season again.

Bills vs. Patriots


Great analogy for tonight’s game of Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots, coming from a fellow Bills fan:

Dan from Toronto sums up Buffalo’s season: “Do you ever feel like you are in such a funk before your team has even played? I am so sick about how crappy I am going to feel at the end of the Sunday night game against the Pats that here is my analogy: My Buffalo Bills are going to get HAMMERED so badly this Sunday night that I am already preparing for the emptiness that I am going to feel after that game. It’s like waiting for a doctor to come meet you in the waiting room after you just showed him your balloon-sized tumor in your head. You know you have cancer, he knows you have cancer…but you still have to do the song and dance of waiting for the confirmation. Right now my Bills are the cancer! And the Bills season is over far too early.”