Greetings from July


– It’s hot in Florida! Last week hovered around 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 80-90% humidity, but no rain to cool us down. We’re in our busy season now, and we’ve all been spending many hours on the boat. The shallow lakes here are currently right up around 90 degrees, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Now, I’m not complaining one bit. Three years ago I was one of many people stuck in a big dirty warehouse moving huge heavy boxes of furniture to a new huge clean, but still really hot, warehouse in Southern Utah. Man that sucked.

So life is good here in Florida. I’ve noticed that with the weather and my current financial situation, I’ve gradually toned up and my body is in pretty good shape. See, I figure it’s the weather and money I have to credit my shape to because I wakeboard more with nice weather and eat less when I have no money. It’s a pretty sweet deal really.

– Right now, I’ve still got this site hosted in St. George, and something happened a while ago that messed things up. I’m kind of tired of pestering them to fix things, and I feel bad about it because I’m not paying for it, since I used to work for the company. I say this because I can’t upload any images right now, which means you have to wait a bit longer to see the splinters that I took out of my butt last month. They’re pretty awesome.

So yeah, I’m going to move this site to another server I use for my other sites at Bluehost. Yep, that’s an affiliate link right there. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. If you do know what that means, can ya blame me? They’re good and I could use a buck!

– Anyway, this NBA offseason has been pretty sweet for my teams (yes, I consider Orlando my #2 team these days). Orlando dropped Turkoglu, Lee, and Alston then picked up Vince Carter, Brandon Bass, Matt Barnes, Ryan Anderson, and managed to keep Marcin Gortat, yeah! They’re bigger and badder than before, and I like that.

Portland stayed pretty inactive, although there were lots of talks of moves. They got some young guys I know nothing about, gave away Sergio (no more sweet Spain to Spain alley-oops, bummer) but then got Andre Miller! The dude is the best point guard in the league to never really accomplish anything. He’s a career 14 point, 7 assist, 4 rebound point guard who can post up and has a great knowledge of the game. Word on the world wide web is that Oden is looking pretty good at the moment too. Magic/Blazers finals? Well, maybe in 2011. Shaq might get one more this year.




It’s Almost Time


2007 Draft Was Great


This is a bit delayed, but I realized I hadn’t put my feelings about the draft in here. I thought it was wonderful! I was excited to hear them actually announce that Oden was the #1 pick. Their moves after that were again surprising and impressive.

I was hoping Randolph would be traded for Garnett, but that was a bit out there. They instead traded him along with Dan Dickou and Fred Jones to the Knicks for Stevie Franchise and Channing Frye. Channing Frye is a solid young player and will be a great depth addition to the bench. Francis probably won’t stay on the roster, but if he does, I won’t complain. He’s still got some 30 point games in him and can help the team out with his experience.

They picked up a couple of foreign players, including another Spaniard from the Suns, just like in 2006 with Rodriguez. What I think will prove to be their steal of the draft, however, is Josh McRoberts. I didn’t know at the time they selected him, but McRoberts played with Oden in high school I believe. They are great friends and should really help encourage each other in their respective rookie seasons. In fact, the draft commentators mentioned that McRoberts was heavily recruited when playing along with Oden. He seems to thrive when he’s on the court with the big guy. I can’t wait for the 2007-2008 season!

Draft Tomorrow


Hot diggity dog am I ever excited! I haven’t mentioned it since lottery day on here, but the NBA Draft is Thursday! Word just got out that my Blazers plan on picking Greg Oden with their very first pick overall. I think that’s good. I’ve been kind of torn between him and Durant, just like everyone paying attention to the draft. But my first idea was for them to pick Oden, and it still feels to be the best pick.

Over the past month I’ve read just about every kind of comparison of the two players. The general consensus is that both will be franchise players. Most seem to think though that Oden will be more likely to be the key element to a championship team, while Durant will be an individual superstar. I didn’t know this until today, but in Greg’s basketball life (since 3rd grade I guess), he’s only lost 17 games. That’s just crazy. He’s such a presence that any team he’s on is leaps and bounds better. Having a guy of his size and ability in the paint gets in the other team’s head and really alters the game.

So hopefully this won’t be another Bowie before Jordan thing, but ya never know. They do have 4 second round picks to play around with too. I’ll be watching the whole time. Go Blazers!

2007 NBA Finals Start Tomorrow


Woohoo! I’m excited for this finals match up between the Spurs and Cavaliers. I don’t like the Spurs, although they are a solid team. The Cavs are fun to watch, and they beat San Antonio both times the two teams played this season, as well as the time before that in the previous season. Cleveland is a pretty big team, and they can slow teams down surprisingly well. I think Duncan will have his hands full with Ilgauskas, Gooden, and Varejao.

I’m really just hoping to see LeBron dunk over Tim Duncan again like he did here.

In hopes that Cleveland will win their first title in their first trip to the finals, I’m going to predict Cleveland in 6, just missing winning it before their home crowd by one game.



Holy cow!!! I screamed so loud when the #2 pick was announced (Seattle, making Portland #1) that I’m surprised no glass in my house broke. They had a 5.3% chance to get the #1 overall pick, and they got it!!! Last year they had the best chance to go #1 and didn’t get it. That draft was much more spread out talent-wise though, and they still managed to get Brandon Roy, who ended up being the Rookie of the Year.

My prediction: The Blazers’ playoff famine is over! If they don’t win a championship by 2012, something’s fishy. I imagine they’ll take Greg Oden. GO BLAZERS!!!