Ice Breakers Sours are Delicious


Ice Breakers SoursI bought some of these today. I’ve long been a fan of the classic peppermint style Ice Breakers mints in a tin like this. I got the purple one in the back there. The flavors are Berry Splash, Strawberry, and Raspberry Lemonade. The Berry Splash is just superb, the Strawberry is good as well, starting to get toward the sour side, then the Raspberry Lemonade is the most sour, which really isn’t too powerful, just sour enough and rather tasty.

I am sitting here eating these right now, and I’m remembering that when I eat sour things, my face gets hot. I’ve asked around, I’m the only person I know to whom that happens. I had to get up and get a tall glass of cold water to accompany these mildly sour candies. Neat huh?

Fantastico is the Suck


I just spent over two hours manually transferring all of my content to WordPress from Drupal. As soon as I finished, I went to the home page, and everything is set to the default WordPress installation. My head is about to explode right now. I believe what happened is that I clicked the back button within another Firefox tab where I had installed WordPress through Fantastico (I only use it because I’m getting free hosting and damn it all, I can’t make new databases outside of Fantastico).

So, I’m going to stop for the day. Tomorrow should see most of the content back up. I’m rather upset right now.

Rim-Hanging Technical Fouls


Quentin RichardsonHere is a rough screen capture off of ESPN Motion to illustrate a point I have tried to make for the past ten years or so.

Tonight in the New York vs. Milwaukee game, Quentin Richardson got called for a technical foul for hanging on the rim. Now, I always figured that rule existed to prevent players from hanging excessively on the rim in order to taunt or celebrate their move in excess. This particular pull on the rim was done solely for the safety of the player.

Short refs who could never dunk don’t understand the physics of dunking the ball. When you are moving full speed toward the hoop and dunk the ball with both hands, you have to hang on so you don’t run the risk of swinging up to the backboard and falling off right onto your head. The dunker’s natural survival instinct has them pull up on the rim. This is simple physics. If you shorten yourself by pulling up on the rim, it is easier to keep holding on and you have less weight swinging at a far distance from the rim.

What I’m getting at is that if Quentin didn’t pull up on the rim, he would have slipped off and probably broken his neck. In fact, if you saw the play, you’d have seen that he let go as soon as his momentum was slowed down to the point where it would be safe for him to come back down.

I specifically remember a similar play I had long ago in a city league basketball game. It was a fast break and I dunked with both hands at full speed. There is absolutely no other way to protect yourself on this dunk other than pulling up on the rim. I got hit with a T as well, horrible call by the ref.

Somebody needs to explain this to the referees. It’s a great and legal play to attack the hoop. Players shouldn’t be penalized for protecting themselves. Unless we get some former dunkers as refs, I assume this will haunt me til I die.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


Thank you to for expressing how I feel about one of the most hideous shows on television. I find it hideous above other horrid shows mostly because of its widespread popularity that has made it nearly impossible for anyone living in America to avoid regardless of how hard they try.

Herein lies the magic.

I Don’t Know Where I’d Be


While listening to the television in the other room, I just heard a saying that amuses me.

Without (situation, person, major change in life, etc.), I don’t know where I’d be.

My thinking is that nobody really knows where they would be if anything of medium significance in their life was different. This particular case was a guy stating how his wife has changed his life for the better, and he didn’t know where he would be right now if it weren’t for her. Now, being a single guy, it would sound a bit odd for me to say that I’m so glad I’m single and I don’t know where I’d be without my solitude, although to me, this seems every bit as appropriate.

I realize that most who say this are giving credit to a person or life change that gave them some sort of direction. People seem to have a way of being less descriptive and clinging to cliche statements like that. I try to avoid them because they seem to have a dulling effect on what we are really trying to express.

That’s all for now.