These Made Me Smile


A couple neat videos by this Norwegian dude, Lasse Gjertsen. Apparently he couldn’t sit down and play either a drum or piano solo, but has some serious musical and video editing talent. Good stuff. I downloaded his songs from here. I think it’s pretty good different stuff. Enjoy!

Update: I can’t stop watching these videos. I just now realized in the second one that there is cleverness to his attire in each half of the video. They are backwards from the norm (pianist is dressed like a drummer, and vice versa)! How absolutely clever…and not clever of me to realize it just now.

Biggest Eels Fan?


Eels FanHere’s one for the books.

Tonight I hopped on to the site of one of my favorite bands: Eels. They had posted a recent video from an appearance on the Carson Daly show. I watched one of the two videos, it was the song “I Like Birds.” As the camera is jumping back and forth (somewhat annoying, but it made this story possible), I noticed something.

Now for some quick background. I’ve seen Eels perform live four times I believe; three of those have been in Hollywood, CA. Two of those trips I noticed the same guy (if you’ve been to many concerts in the same general area, this is known to happen, seeing the same memorable person multiple times). Anyway, he’s one of the only people I’ve thought actually pulled off the face-pierced look. So naturally, that stuck out in my mind, and I recognized him the next time I saw him.

Back to the story. In the audience on the video I spot that same dude! He’s rocking out singing along with E. It’s a small quicktime file, so I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m pretty blasted sure it’s the dude.

This is the first time that I can remember recognizing some random person that I remember seeing in person while watching a video online. Pretty unique thing that was to stumble upon late this good eve.

Sufjan and Fleetwood


I figured I’d post this just in case some poor soul out on the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY comes across the same mind boggler that I heard today. I decided it was time to try to get into some Sufjan Stevens tunes, so I put on the Seven Swans album, and the first song seems familiar to me. Specifically, at 1:05 into the song, the melody during the lines “And I am joining all my thoughts to you” and “And I’m preparing every part for you” really sounded like some other song.

This was about 6:30 pm. I stopped the song and played that melody over and over in my head, but couldn’t figure out the song. Game two of the NBA Finals was starting, so I tried focusing on that, but that blasted melody kept repeating in my head. I figured that months would pass til one day I’d hear the mystery song and go “That’s it!” I lucked out.

I recalled the voice was a woman’s voice, and later, that it was probably Stevie Nicks. So I searched my computer for any of her songs, I only had a few Fleetwood Mac songs. I then went to Amazon and to try to figure out what the song was by listening to 30 second previews.

After a half hour or so of this, I looked up Stevie Nicks in the Wikipedia and looked at her hit songs. She had way more than I realized, good job Stevie. I found Leather and Lace, and it sounded like that may have been the one I was looking for, but the song ended, leaving me hanging.

I finally went back to Amazon and played through some previews from Fleetwood Mac albums while I watched the game. I was into the game pretty good, then I actually got like a hot flash or something when I heard that melody again! That was weird, I think it was my body releasing tension knowing that it would now be able to sleep tonight. I went on to obtain the song somehow (yay INTARNET) and compared the two, sure enough, it is somewhat similar.

The two songs are these:

Sufjan Stevens: All The Trees Of The Fields Will Clap Their Hands
Fleetwood Mac: Landslide

The melody I’m referring to is 1:05 into the Sufjan song and 1:11 into the Fleetwood Mac song. Ah, thank you INTERNET!

Evolution of Dance


I just came across this by accident. This is a pretty good and humorous history of pop culture dancing from popular music videos and movies. I believe I even saw a little Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air in there.

My New Favorite Music Video


This is so incredible. Notice how the lead singer guy’s face and hair resemble He-Man.

Armi and Danni – I Wanna Love You Tender

Pink Floyd Pulse On DVD!!!


Pink Floyd Pulse DVD
Finally! I have been waiting for this concert to be released on DVD for many years. My Dad has it on Laserdisc (yep, he’s still got the player), and I’ve had it on VHS for a while. Finally, on DVD, I love it! Probably the greatest concert I’ve ever seen in person or on television.

This concert took place at Earl’s Court in London, England. The size of the stage, the elaborate lighting and theatrics of the show are unmatched by any other performance I’ve seen. There are moments in this concert that seem to be musical and performance perfection. I just can’t build it up enough. It runs a good three hours, so clear an evening to turn out all the lights, pop in the DVD, crank up the volume, and get taken away to the best concert performance ever…that will have to wait til this fall (release date is September 12, 2006) of course.

Go get it!

Let’s Go Do the Magna Dance


I’m about to head to Provo for a day or so, but this random memory hit me. Just over a year ago, somebody at work found this awesome album. Be sure to check out the song previews on the left of the page. My favorites are Magna Dance and Sariah (Vocal).

CD Baby Link: Anndrea Naidu: Land of Freedom