New Radiohead Album: In Rainbows


In RainbowsRadiohead is awesome. They just released their new album, In Rainbows today. I guess their contract with their record company is expired, and so they’re taking a completely unique approach with this new album. You can download it from the album’s website, At the time of this posting, the site is not loading, but I got the album late last night, so it does work.

The catch is this. You decide how much to pay for it, really! You can pay less than a dollar or a thousand dollars if you wish. You can also pre-order the discbox edition, which will ship later this year. It has all kinds of stuff. Extra songs, vinyl records, artwork, sweet. I’m listening to the album for the first time as I type this, and I must say, it’s blasted good.

Windows XP Installation Setup Music


Finally! Every time I’ve installed Windows XP on a computer (maybe 7 times I figure), I try to find where that song is that plays during the initial setup. That song is so soothing and wicked awesome. Well, I finally stumbled upon a video that had a little walkthrough of where to find the track. Instead of showing the video and making you wait through it, I’ll just show the address here:


That’s it! I copied it from there and converted the file to an mp3. Now I’ll have it forever and ever! GREAT SUCCESS!

Les and the Copper Canyon


Time for a report on Billy’s wild weekend adventure! Well, my cell phone started working when I was about an hour away from Salt Lake City. Apparently the Sprint network in the whole state of Utah had a problem for over 12 hours. Awesome. I think my contract runs out here in a few months, I may let that happen and shop around.

I made it up to Layton and met up with Bill Sr. We went to Marie Calendar’s for lunch, that was some tasty food! Before our food arrived, I called up Pete, our hang glide instructor. He had just landed from a tandem flight, during which the wind was a little uncooperative, which led to getting crossed up on the landing and ultimately breaking part of his glider. Nothing serious, but to fly he needed to repair the wing, and he had no spare parts on hand. So we couldn’t fly, blast!

After a little moping, we decided that the copper mine might be fun to go ogle. After finding directions online, we headed out. It took almost an hour to get there from Layton, but it was only $5 to get in. We went way up the hill, then down into the pit, where the visitor’s center is nestled. We watched the little intro video, got blown away by the massiveness of the numbers and stats, then went out and just stared at the whole thing for over an hour. We didn’t even realize how long we’d been there, the place is mind blowing. The most impressive thing to me was that the trucks can carry a load of just over a half million pounds! And each truck is a little bigger than the condo I live in.

Now it was time to meet up with my kid sister, go eat dinner, and go rock. We went to Lonestar Steakhouse, and it was wonderful. I had the sweet bourbon salmon with a sweet potato, it was delectable. Off to The Depot to see Les. The Two Gallants were the opening show. Just two scronny white kids that could rock with a very original style. The guitar player/lead singer played a Les Paul guitar and played it well. It sounded like there was a bass guitar hidden on stage somewhere. They started off with at least 5 minutes of jamming that sounded kind of distant, which reminded me of other music I’ve heard, and my sister nailed it on the head. She mentioned that they kind of sounded like Explosions in the Sky. Then the guitar player started belting out vocals and totally surprised me at how he sounded. His voice kind of made me think of a higher, raspier John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The drummer had about as much energy as a hyperactive 3 year old with ADD who had just topped off a box of sugar cubes and washed it down with a cappuccino. They were quite entertaining.

Then Les Claypool came out with his bass guitar, Gabby La La (who I’d seen with him on his Bucket of Bernie Brains tour) on the sitar, the drummer of Cake in the back, and 2 guys I was unfamiliar with, one on baritone sax, and a utility guy in the back on xylophones and other various percussion instruments. It was an awesome show that I’d describe as power funk/jazz. No traditional lead guitar was ever on stage during that part of the show. Just a bass guitar and sitar were the closest, although the sax player had some awesome riffs that rivaled many a guitar riff.

The only downside to the show was “the lovers.” A grimy couple had apparently gotten all hopped up on ecstasy (however it’s spelled, the drug) and couldn’t get off of each other. Somehow they ended up migrating over to where we were comfortably watching the show, and stayed there for probably an hour. I’m tall enough to just look right over their heads and block them from my view, but my Dad and Sister had to witness their every move. We could have moved, but the place was crowded and we figured we couldn’t get a better view.

All in all it was a great weekend. Here are a couple pics from the mine:

A shot of the main hole of the mine. It’s the largest excavation site in the world. You can see it from space!

Here’s a great perspective shot. This shows the size of the load trucks, a water truck, a normal pickup, and a bus. Click on either of these pics for more of the mine.

Mosh Pits


I am an avid concert goer. Well, I have been over the years. Lately, not so much, I’m not too sure why. Anyway, on occasion one may find me at a hard rocking concert where quality mosh pits may be found. I will typically participate in said mosh pits. I find they are a great way to release any stress or frustration that I may have at the time. They’re also just plain fun.

Certain bands have great songs to get people going in the pits. The best bands I’ve seen live for the pits that come to mind are Disturbed, Stone Temple Pilots (yeah, surprised me too), Godsmack, Nine Inch Nails, and Saliva (not so much a fan, but saw them at a festival). I’ve also been to some concerts that are more punk type of music, which is good sometimes, but no good for mosh pits. I think it’s mostly due to the fans that those concerts attract. The hard rock and metal has bigger, more physical fans. Typically punk music has more scronny fans, so their pits end up being those circles of weaklings jumping up and down; no good.

The whole reason I’m posting this is because I found a kind of funny page. It’s all about how to mosh in a mosh pit. The author of the article did a great job actually, I was impressed. If you’ve ever wondered what mosh pits are like, give it a read. Then find your nearest metal show, buy tickets, and go tear it up! I had thought of going to a Static-X concert in Vegas tonight, but I kind of lost interest.

How to Mosh in a Mosh Pit

A Musical Happy Place


From time to time I feel the need to just get away from everything for a little while. Tonight was one of those times. One of my favorite ways to get away is more of a mental state than physically getting away. I’ll take a music player of some sort (these days, my old ipod) and some good headphones, then go to a spot where I can go undisturbed. I prefer to be outside, usually at night, so I can lay back and look at the stars and my surroundings.

Roofs are a great spot to go to for this. Tonight I went out back of my condo and just sat on my deck that overlooks St. George. Once I’m in the right spot, I carefully pick an album to match my mood (shuffle is just no good in this type of situation) and listen to it straight through. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is my most frequently chosen album for these nights. Tonight’s was Trust by Low.

I recommend doing this from time to time. It’s a great way to clear your mind. Try out some different spots and see what works for you.

Music and People


There are two types of people; music people, and non-music people.

Here’s how I see it. I’m a music person. I dig music. I dig good music. I have my ideas as to what good music sounds like and what makes bad music. I’ve made the appropriate changes in my life to try and avoid bad music, indulge in good music, and try to find more good music constantly. I feel I’ve done fine, my ears are satisfied. If you are curious as to my taste in music, here’s a sample.

Is the music I like the only good music and that which I dislike factually bad? Nope. There are music lovers who have completely different tastes than me, and that’s great, I respect that. They are also music people. I’d even recognize some of that as good music, just not the kind I prefer.

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Pan’s Labyrinth Soundtrack


So I’ve had a tab open for probably the past two hours or so. It’s the website for Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s a pretty neat looking movie. It’s being promoted as a fantasy movie for adults. I’m excited to see it one day in the distant future. Being in Utah, I don’t get to see many non-pop-culture movies in theaters, which is weird since this state is the home of the largest film festival in the US.

Anyway, check out the site, the music is awesome. I can’t get enough of it.
Link again.