Google Docs


Check this out!

Google Docs

Awesome, I had no idea this existed. Google Docs acts as a place to work on text documents and spreadsheets. I just found this a few minutes ago, so I don’t know too much about it, but it looks pretty sweet. You can export files to be compatible with Microsoft and Open Office, or as PDFs, RTFs, HTML, or plain text.

Obvious benefits are many. One comes to mind. A friend of mine teaches at a school. He gets bugged when students submit assignments in Open Office format because he doesn’t have that installed on his computer. With Google Docs, he could upload the file, then save it as whatever type of format he prefers. For anybody who deals with a lot of paperwork and a lot of people with different preferences, I can see this as a great tool to speed things up. It’s also a great way to centralize your work so you can access it from where ever you may be in the INTERNET.

I plan on trying this out. In my new venture into the mortgage industry, I think this will be a great tool to use to create PDFs and share spreadsheets with not so tech-savvy people. I can just send them a link and I won’t get any “My computer won’t open it” type of complaints. Good stuff.

Ooo, Ahh, A Sitemap


I just added a pretty little sitemap to BillyStyle. I like it. It’s a nifty little WordPress plugin with all kinds of options. Easy as cake to install, and happy fun times! Get it for yourself here.

Swirling Image Browser Javascript Trick


Quick easy trick here. Copy this here code, open any web page (even this one, but preferably one with much more images), wait for the page to fully load, then paste this into the address bar, hit enter, and enjoy!

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.getElementsByTagName("img"); DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=(Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5)+"px";*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5)+"px"}R++}setInterval('A()',50); void(0);

Swirling Image Browser Javascript Trick – video powered by Metacafe

Tip: Do it a couple more times in a row and it gets faster!

If you want to cheat and just see a little video of it done on, click here.

Get Paid for Your Videos


Pretty swell concept I found today. MetaCafe has a progam called Producer Rewards that allows you to make money off of your own videos. Some of the top earning videos are stupid little tricks that somebody filmed and uploaded.

I’m brainstorming to see what I can come up with since I could always use a little extra money, and when it’s based off of views of a video, it makes it fun…I suppose. I threw a quick video up. It’s under the 20 second suggestion, but it’s one I had lying around.

Check it out here.

What will Google do?


When I updated the site to WordPress, I did something at which search engine optimizers would cringe. I totally changed the structure of the site, moved all the existing articles to new locations, and didn’t do any rerouting to take care of 404 errors. Why did I do it? Mostly because I’m experimenting with this site to see what happens.

I’m using Google Sitemaps, as I have been for the past five months or so. It seems to really help to get posts up high in Google’s results with haste. It’s funny what pages have been popular in Google searches. The Chuck Norris post got the most, the Booty Slapping incident has caught the attentions of searchers, and surprisingly, when one searched Google for “Hyperextended Big Toe,” this post was in the top three results. It currently still comes up in that spot, but to a dead link. Seeing as how I don’t really care much on this site about fixing little things like that (I averaged 10-20 visitors per day), I will wait and see if my new sitemap file will get updated in Google.