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Hello INTERNETS! I was watching a little video on YouTube, and saw this great response to a video:

So I clicked through to the user’s profile. He’s got an extensive collection of videos identical to this one, all in praise of good videos. Awesome stuff. Check them out here.

Warning: Addicting Game


This is a pretty cool game somebody designed. It’s called Magic Pen. You draw shapes to move a red object to one or many flags to complete the level. It gets pretty tricky. If you get stumped like me, search around on YouTube for some videos of it. Cool stuff.

Magic Pen

Whiskey Militia


Some wakeboard campers just told me about this site. It’s kind of like, but focused on active sports gear. I just bought me some board shorts that are on there right this very moment. Pretty cool site:

Whiskey Militia

Yeah, I Follow


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on here. I’ve really got no good excuse, but right now I’ve got a bit of a cold, so I’m mostly spacing out. Anyway, for the wordpress users out there, I ran across a splendid idea today. By default, WordPress adds a nofollow attribute to the author’s links in the comments. This was started to discourage spammers, yeah right. Anyway, I found a little plugin to disable that, and have it active now. Just for the good feeling of friendly SEO stuff.

Link: Remove nofollow from WordPress comments

GoDaddy Discount Codes


So I just registered some domains at While I was checking out, I figured I’d be able to find some sort of promo code to save me a little money and sure enough, there are a number of sites with active codes to save some money. The one I used was at which looks like it keeps up on active codes to save some money. I got 3 domains for $6.95 each, which saved me $2 on each domain, neat!



I happened across a service online that is kind of handy. It’s called DailyLit. The idea is that you can read any book in their database over a period of time by reading it in segments. The segments are sent to you via email or RSS feed over a period of a few weeks or months, depending on the length of the book.

Right now, their catalog isn’t very big, but I’m hoping that they will continue to grow. Nothing I’ve found in there really interests me, but I see it as a lazy man’s library, and I’m all about laziness!

Link: DailyLit

Quit Using the Same Password


So if you’re anything like me, or any other human, you probably have the same 1-3 passwords that you use on everything. If you forget a password somewheres, you just try those 3 and you’re bound to get in. That’s nice, until someone approaches you from your digital behind and takes your virtue online. That hasn’t happened to me, and I intend to keep it that way.

I figured that there ought to be some sort of good software to manage passwords, so I could use a number of different ones and store them somewhere safe, as opposed to a post it or some text file on my computer. I found some pretty sweet software, and have been using it for about a month now. I’ve been slowly dumping my old passwords and generating new highly secure passwords that KeePass comes up with for me.

I haven’t really dove into all its features, but the ones I use are great so far. To get into the program you can use more than one protection method. So you can make a key file and a password to get into your password database if you wish. It has a time limit on how long your copied password stays on your clipboard so it’s much less likely to be stolen from there. It can generate very secure passwords for you based on what characters are allowable with the site or software for which you’re creating the password. I’ve got it on my Windows computer, but they have versions for Mac OS X, Linux, and some Palm stuff I know nothing about. Try it out, it’s good stuff.

KeePass Password Safe