Healthy Eating is Annoying


Well, transitioning to more healthy eating is annoying. I had a great holiday season and new year of eating pounds of delicious sugary breads and desserts and turkey and everything I could find. Not much fruit or vegetables of course. And yes, the beginning of the year is when I like to really eat poorly, throwing out any chance of any kind of resolution.

DeliciousThe problem is that I’ve become tired of this good old spare tire around the stomach and lower back area. So hey, I figured I’d start eating healthier. That first trip to the grocery store was pretty wild, I’ve never bought more produce at one time in my life! Turns out I didn’t need to buy that many vegetables at once. They go bad quicker than I can eat them, which is nice to know now. Fruits, I burn through those, I like at least half of them a lot. Strawberries, raspberries, any berries really, and bananas, peaches, and melons. That was a boring list!

That first week was annoying because I’d eat a meal, say some chicken and vegetables, and feel just as hungry as when I started. After 10 days maybe though, I got used to the feeling of not gorging myself on delicious carbs. It actually feels pretty good to my insides to not eat that kind of stuff now, but it’s annoying.

You see, when the Orlando Magic win a basketball game, which is fairly rare lately, the local Papa John’s pizza shops have a 50% discount on everything the following day. They won on Sunday, so I got me a big old delicious pizza on Monday! The problem was that it tasted medium now, I guess I’m getting used to less salty/greasy stuff, and I felt all bloated and what not afterwards! I couldn’t even enjoy delicious unhealthy food. Healthy stuff tastes good now! See my problem?

So Tuesday morning, I went to the store and stocked up on fruit. Most of my favorites were on sale. I think that was the only time I bought nothing other than fruit – that was weird. I guess we’ll see how long this holds up. Now, I’m not doing anything full on, I’ll still have toast and some pasta and whatever occasionally, but overall, less food, and more healthy types of the stuff. The blandness is becoming flavorful, which I guess I should be happy about. I just hope that next time the smell of a Cinnabon lures me over and I cram that down my gullet, that I still enjoy it!

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