Can’t Smell Anything


I’ve had this cold for about 10 days now. It’s been a bit of a doozy. It started off quite mellow, but has intensified with age. Usually with my colds, the first couple of days are pretty bad, then they really mellow off after that.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because for the past 5 days or so, I haven’t had my sense of smell intact. While I imagine life would be a drab place with no smell, losing that sensation for a week or so has proven to be kind of handy, although I know I could be taking fuller advantage of my new power.

lossofsmellSome of the benefits of having no sense of smell is that I can try just about any food and be pleased. This is the biggest one I haven’t taken full advantage of yet. I suppose I could put horseradish on my waffles this morning for breakfast, and have no real problem with it. It’s a shame I haven’t been invited to any dinners by terrible chefs lately. I did have some food off the grill that I assume was very good. One of the items was grilled beets. I’ve never tried them before, and I still kind of feel like I haven’t yet tried them. The texture was fine, just like a more firm grilled potato chunk.

See, when I eat now, I mostly pay attention to textures. I had some desserts, and enjoyed them because of the cake/creamy like textures. Now, another cool thing about this is that I’m learning how my taste buds work. We all know that smell is a big part of tasting food, but man, I didn’t realize just how much before now. When I eat sweet things, I can feel the sweetness on my tongue. It just happens along the sides, in the rear two thirds of my tongue. No sweetness in the front or middle.

Sweet is the strongest taste feeling I get. I can just barely pick up anything salty. I haven’t really pinpointed where I can feel that on my tongue. I do feel some bitterness right at the back of the tongue, but it’s also not as strong as the sweetness.

So anyway, I thought I’d share my fun on here. My main concern while this lasts, is that my house doesn’t smell like something died inside. I also have been showering myself, and brushing my teeth a little more carefully, as I can’t taste bad breath, or smell if I need to put on a bit more deodorant.

Oh, last thing, that picture is one I found after I searched for images of “loss of smell.”

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Nice! I’ve seen that second one before. My Dad has this book of odd jobs. That one was from deodorant testing I do believe.