April Fool’s Birthday


About a month ago, I quietly changed my birth date on Facebook to April 1. Now that it’s March 31, I’ve gotten at least ten birthday wishes so far. I kind of feel bad because a lot of them are from foreigners, and I wasn’t sure if they knew about April Fool’s Day. But my Swiss friend Sascha said he knew about it.

Anyway, if you made it here through Facebook, the secret is out! Last year on my real birthday, I hid the date so as to avoid all the well wishing emails and such. I even like to be a hermit online.

Give that there image a click if you want to see a list of pranks online for this year. In the past, some of the best I’ve seen are Slashdot’s flooding of pony related updates, ThinkGeek’s ridiculous products like wireless power adapters, and YouTube’s Rick Rolling of every link from their home page.

Comments (2)

This is the first time I’ve been on your site for a while, but I do believe I posted a lol, April birthday on your wall that day. Well done.

I also delete my birthday right before it actually happens to see what I get. A few cousins of mine actually remember when it was.