Butt Injury #2 Prelude


Word is out that I’ve injured my right butt cheek yet again. It is all true and as I type this I have 10 staples holding my new butt hole together.

I’m waiting for the right time to blog about the whole thing, which I figure will be within a couple weeks of when I get the staples removed.

I’ll have a nice detailed story just like I did when I tore another butt hole in the same cheek just under a year ago. I will tell you now that this one was a wakeboard injury and that the gay jokes will still be aplenty. Last time I got a large piece of wood jammed into my butt, this time I got a new butt hole torn by a rainbow. Yes, that’s right, a rainbow.

So hold tight, the story, along with very graphic gory pictures, is on its way.

Comments (3)

Yea Billy! Takin the rainbow to the butt! haha

Oh my…!

I see where you’re going with the wait until the conclusion of your butthole journey, but you also might want to do an orignal post and then periodic butthole updates regarding the status of your butthole. That way we get to hear the butthole story right away and it gives you something to blog about during these blog droughts you’ve been having lately…butthole.

(Do you think I said butthole enough?)