Sunsets in Florida


Hey friend(s)! Not sure if anybody is still checking here from time to time. I’ve realized that maybe at least once a week, while outside around sunset, I say to myself “I love Florida.” It’s awesome here. I finally know why sunsets are so great here. There are two contributing factors. The whole peninsula thing provides plenty of sweet clouds and good storms for the sun to turn pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, and all that good stuff. When the colors show up, you don’t have to go far to see a lake reflecting all those colors, so you get blitzed with color; it’s awesome.

This morning was pretty fun. We shot a new ad for The Wakeboard Camp. We had around 16 people out behind the boat at the same time. The boat struggled to pull everyone up on their wakeboards, but eventually it worked out. The number got whittled down to 11, and I was one of the fallen. I had chosen to bring a wakeskate out for the experiment, and it proved to just hold everybody back due to the small surface area. Shucks! The ad should be showing up in wake magazines later this summer.

You may notice a new link on the side: Explosions and Boobs. It’s possibly the greatest idea for a website ever. And yes, it’s work safe.

Finally, spinning is winning here in Clermont! People are landing all kinds of new rotation based moves on their shred-sticks. Sweet as!

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Well, that there website is the hit of the afternoon ’round these parts.

Oh, and how was Canadia?

Oh yeah, I forgot to le blog aboot my Canadia trip. Maybe that’ll be my next one good sir.

Don’t worry. Us OG’s still hang around this place. Even at night, when its dark and scary out.

Bria likes explosions and boobs.

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