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Cool little thing here. I have an HP printer, as do many people. It’s out of ink, so instead of hopping down to the Wal Mark (I recently heard a woman refer to is as that, sweet), I surfed around on the webnets and found that HP’s own website has a pretty handy ordering system.

I managed to get both my black and color ink cartridges for a few bucks off of the normal price and a free ream of 24 lb paper all with free shipping. And it wasn’t even the 4-6 weeks type of free shipping. I ordered it last night, and the tracking with FedEx shows that it should be delivered today! Not too shabby INTERNET!

Update: It did show up today. Not sure when, but it was there when I got to work (my mailing address) at about 1:30 pm. Sweetness.

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Correction: it’s the INTERNETWEB.

No, silly, it’s the INTARWEBZ 😀 And it ROXXORZ.

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