I just got back to my Florida home after being on vacation for almost a month. I spent most of the time in Oregon, and took a quick trip down to Utah as well. I really enjoyed being in the sub zero temperatures again and seeing piles of snow all over the place.

StacheThe St. George visit was a lot of fun. Thanks to everybody who took some time to hang out with me, and especially to the LeFevres for letting me crash at their place, even though I was a bit sick. I still only saw maybe half of the people I wanted to see, so I’m sorry if I didn’t come see you. Hopefully I’ll be back in the red desert before too long.

So now I’m back in the winter warmth that is Florida. I wakeboarded today for the first time in a month and got very tired very quickly. It was a fun ride though and I can’t wait to get back in riding shape.

I talked with some people about updating this here blog on a more regular basis, but only time will tell if I actually do that. So until next time, grow your moustaches!

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good to see you back billis.

Do you want me to send you that sock and magazine? It was sitting under you mattress, thats probably why you forgot it silly.