My First Big Florida Storm


So far this summer, there has been a thunderstorm blowing through town on about half of the days. They usually come between 2pm and 5pm and last anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours. The wind has reached speeds of probably 25-30 mph that I’ve seen, and some pretty heavy rain has come down.

All of these have been mostly fun, except one that took down a boat that we have here. It’s back up and running now, but I now know that a sunken boat creates a whole bunch of work to recover.

Anyway, word is that this storm, called Fay, is going to tear right up through the middle of Florida. That’s where I’m at, the middle of Florida. It’s been hitting 50 mph so far, and who knows if it’ll steer left or right of Clermont, where I am, or go right down the middle.

I guess I should go fill up on gas and buy some water and candles and what not. I’ve been in one situation before where we had no power for 4 or 5 days, on the mission in Rochester, NY. That was also due to a wind storm. That got pretty annoying rather quickly.

The funny thing about this storm is that this is the first week at the camp since I’ve started working here that we’ve had nobody scheduled to come ride. What a convenient time for that to happen, as the water should be horrible probably from Monday through Wednesday. My only real concern for the storm is that I have concert tickets to go see Stome Temple Pilots Tuesday evening, which is supposed to be the worst part of the storm right here. Hopefully I make it there and back!

I’ll try to keep this updated, that is if I have power!

Comments (6)

Who are these “Stome Temple Pilots” you speak of?

Really? Are you joking? If not, they are a rock and roll band! They rock, and roll, all night long sweet Suzy!

The darned concert was canceled though, dang!

I prefer my temple pilots to be made of stoNe

Brianxor didn’t know who STP was? wow. So, how did you weather the storm? Hope all is okay.

We ever going to see a storm and/or concert report? (and yes, I know who STP are)

Alright sir, here goes. Fay made the lake very rough for about 5 days, so no riding was done here. She did raise the water level by at least a foot, which is good because our lake is only 25 feet deep at its lowest point.

STP ended up canceling the show, I assume it was because of Fay. Bleh.