This is the best marketing campaign ever! I once paid my half of a science rocket project in Jr. High School with pennies. That’s when I learned people don’t like it.

Here are the rest of them.

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Genius – just genius.

It is genius, the thing is what this man is doing may be illegal. Pennies are legal tender and to refuse legal tender I think is a violation of law. If people hate the penny so much, maybe we should stop making them and round to tens. I remember the story of a kid who used a two dollar bill to by a taco from Taco Bell, he was arrested for using counterfeit money, until it was all sorted out. Since that time, I on occasion, will take out $2 bills and use them when I buy things with the hope that I too will be arrested for doing nothing wrong.

That was pretty awesome, but he’s probably not in violation of the law: