That Test Was Right


So I was just thinking about something that completely blew my mind. You know those tests most people take at some point in their schooling that supposedly reveal your ideal jobs or career based on your interests and such? Well, I had one of those when I was either a freshman or sophomore in high school. I remember thinking it was one of the most ridiculous things I had been required to do, since I already knew that my ideal job was doing nothing, but getting money anyway.

Anyway, I filled it out honestly, and the software returned one option: coach. I just laughed it off at the time, thinking of a team coach, like basketball. I hate coaching team sports, so I dismissed it and went on with my life. Now, double the years in my life from that point and what do you know…I’m a wakeboard coach and it’s my dream job! Go figure.

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Now, if the price is right (salary), I think you’d be set in your dream job. 🙂 How’s the bike working out?

Well, mine said I was to be an accountant. An accountant. Screw that. (sorry, happy accountants of the world – and thanks for all your work)

I don’t even remember what mine said, but I was expecting to go into music at the time.

I am still waiting for my ASVAB dream job: Forklift Operator

Mine said middle school teacher. I do not think there is anything worse than trying to teach, more like discipline awkward teens going through puberty that hate life and everything in it.

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