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Hot New TechnologyYes, I am getting a new phone! The bad news is that all my contacts are in my old phone, which is at the bottom of Lake Minneola, FL. That means I’m in need of many phone numbers, so if you know of any phone numbers, feel free to give them to me! I wouldn’t suggest putting your number in the comments here, but if you read this blog and know me, chances are you’ve already seen one of my other requests for numbers or you have my number and can send me a text or some other message to let me know your number. That was a long sentence!

My new phone has a high-tech hands free system, pictured herein.

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Is that Jordi Laforge?

No, it’s Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Oh, have you considered something that syncs with your comp? My Sony Ericsson does a great job at that.

Tommy Tutone wanted to make sure you remember Jenny’s number. it’s: 867-5309

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