Got Me a Bike


Today I went to Orlando and made a 2-wheeled purchase. Now I’ll ride me bike the half mile along the lake shore to work, wee! I also went to the Vans Skatepark for the second time. That place is skateboarding heaven.

The bike, since I know some of you will wonder, is a Specialized Hardrock Sport. I pretty much walked in, said what I’d use it for, they pointed it out, I said okay. Done.

Specialized Hardrock Sport

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Comments (7)

Did you haggle?

I’m about as good at haggling as I am at…something I do very poorly.

you need to have the Queen song “bicycle” play when the page loads.

Where are all the photos from these adventures?

Brianx0r: Done and done.

Biking to work yay! I have to get a bike soon too, as our office is moving about a mile further away than it currently is, ruining the walk.

Sweet dude. I just bought another bike to commute on to work. I’m saying thanks but no thanks to $4.00/gal. gas.