Disney World and Such


Many things have changed since my last post…well, the last post about my situation. I’ve finally moved out into an apartment just a half mile down the shore from The Wakeboard Camp. It’s a decent place. The biggest problem at the moment is my neighbor Lou, he is retired and alone and his only companion is his smoking. Remember that post about how I feel about smokers? Yeah, my mistake on not noticing that his smoke creeps into this apartment through our shared air ducts. I’m going to have to do something about that, it’s really not cool.

Anyway, over the past few weeks, my parents and two younger sisters paid me visits. The parents were here for a few days and then the sisters hung out for a whole week. During that week, we went to Disney World and completely wore ourselves out. I lucked out and found out I have a guy on the inside who got us in for free, so that was sweet. We only had time to enjoy the Magical Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. I think I’ll be going back some time to check out the other stuff. It was good family fun.

So now with work, things are pretty good. Summer is just around the corner, the heat is already here in Florida, and this is our first busy week since spring break, where I put in a 60 hour week. Although that was 60 hours of hanging out on a boat with fun kids and bikini babes, I still got paid a little bit for it!Animal Kingdom Picture Spot

There have been some competitions down here and more coaches from the other side of the world (New Zealand and Australia) have shown up to help out. I’m still meeting new people from all over the world every week, which is great.

So nothing too exciting, just throwing a little update out. Here’s something for the Mac users who visit this site. I’m posting this with a little piece of Microsoft software called Windows Live Writer. So far, it seems to work rather well, crazy huh? I may keep using this, I think I’ll see what it’s like to put up a picture in a post. Peace out.

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Tough life you lead, buddy. 🙂 Enjoy it, m’kay? And keep updating us desk-riding schlubs – we need to know there’s more than just flat screen monitors out there.