Warning: Addicting Game


This is a pretty cool game somebody designed. It’s called Magic Pen. You draw shapes to move a red object to one or many flags to complete the level. It gets pretty tricky. If you get stumped like me, search around on YouTube for some videos of it. Cool stuff.

Magic Pen

Comments (4)

There are too many good games online. I’ve been known to get addicted to quite a few. I may have to exercise great self-control with this one–looks right up my alley!

I generally consider myself a pretty smart guy. But lordy how I suck at this game.

Thank you. Thank you for wasting valuable tax dollars.

I passed it!!! and I only had to cheat twice.

I was addicted to this game for a good hour until I got stuck and decided to watch the YouTube videos. I think some of the solutions are physically impossible- so I am still trying to pass it using little swings and pulleys and battering rams.