Best Grocery Store I’ve Seen


Yeah, pretty exciting post huh? A big grocery store chain down here is called Publix. It took my brain a few weeks to accept that as a name of a grocery store, but I’m cool with it now.

It’s the only grocery store I’ve ever gone into and found myself thinking “What a great store.” The few I’ve been into are clean, well stocked, huge, and have a great selection of just about anything I could imagine. We had an English fellow here at the camp a few weeks ago, and he went there with us and found that they had a British food section. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

So yeah, this post is really awesome and exciting, haha. I was just so impressed by the place that I had to put something up about it. How bout that!

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Publix is the Rolls Royce of grocery stores in the south, with Piggly Wiggly being the Pinto.

Aww – I like the Piggly Wiggly. It has personality. Like that one weird uncle that you don’t leave alone with the children during the holidays.

Publix, that sounds weird.

I’ve been to Publix before. It’s a nice store. We don’t have it here in New Jersey, at least not by me. Now how much is the food.