Death Almost Happened


So on Friday, we were out on the boat to watch Mr. Ben Greenwood ride. We had a whole lot of weight in the boat, so it was having trouble getting up on plane. I jumped up into the bow of the boat and, with another guy up there, got as far forward as I could. I ended up sitting right on the tip of the bow when all of a sudden I began to lose my balance…the wrong way. I’m not sure exactly my thought process at the time, but I think my survival instinct kicked in and I believe I shoved with what I could against the boat. I did this as I was falling into the water so I wouldn’t be in line with the boat’s propeller.

So I went down in the water and (again, not sure if I’m telling the truth, but I think it’s what happened) I gave a quick paddle away from the boat on the port side. After a few seconds had passed, I knew I was safe, and popped my head out of the water.

I was wearing Ben’s sunglasses before I fell in, and wasn’t wearing them when I emerged from the water. The boat had stopped, so I was halfway between the boat and Ben. I immediately began apologizing for losing his glasses. He shouted “I don’t care about the glasses. What about you? Are you missing any arms or legs? Are you bleeding?”

It wasn’t until then that I really realized the danger in which I had just put myself. I kind of laughed and said that I was totally fine. I got back in and after the water calmed down (some huge boat was joy riding), he had a great ride.

So the moral of the story is: Don’t be stupid like me!

Luckily I had a very smart and aware driver who continued to go straight when I fell in the water. He said he didn’t want to turn either way because the boat’s behavior when you turn the wheel is unpredictable enough to make that dangerous. He did the smart thing by going straight and backing off the throttle after he had passed by me. Good times!

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You’re going to just kill your mother with stories like these.

Hahaha, “You’re killing your mother!”

Dude. We don’t want a billyless world. No more riding on the bow.

Be careful on your boat, please.

Hi Billy,
I found you by Goggling “Tampa wakeboard instructors” But It looks like you’re actually a Clermont wakeboard instructor. Anyway, my wife and I are hoping you can help us out. We have been riding for a few seasons and both of us want to start getting better. All we really do now is ride around behind the boat and we want to start jumping. We have an old direct drive Malibu that I’m told will put out a decent wake when properly weighted. So, I’m ready to buy a ballast set up, but I don’t even know what to buy. Side sacks, Fat Seat, bow sacks? I don’t know what to buy or where to put them for the best wake. Frankly, I don’t know what a good wake should look like or even how far back to ride. We need some expert advice. So, I’m looking for an instructor that I can pay to spend the day with us on our boat teaching us how to set it up and then show us how to do a raley ( just kidding, but wake to wake would be nice).
If you’re interested or know someone who would be, please send me an e-mail.

Mike Saffold
Tampa, FL

geez hoss!!!!