What it’s Like


I imagine people are wondering what my new style of life is like here in Florida. I’ll try to sum it up here in a post.

I live at work, The Wakeboard Camp, so that means that about 70 feet from my door is the lake. It’s a mostly round lake, about 2 miles in diameter. So every morning, I wake up and look out on the lake. Typically one of the coaches (sometimes me) will have breakfast made by 8:30, so I’ll go up and eat a little after the campers are done eating. Next, the morning coach will get the boat ready and head out on the lake with the campers. In the winter, we have been running one boat due to the small number of campers. If I’m the coach, that means I drive the boat and coach people how to have more fun on a wakeboard!

Then comes lunch. We lounge around and the breakfast maker has lunch made around noon. We relax and clean a little til it’s time to ride again at 2pm. Sometimes we’ll go out and the coaches will ride at lunch so we get to have fun and the campers can enjoy watching us do some of them flippy spinny things. Then the afternoon coach heads out and does his thing.

Dinner is usually at 6:30, and then the work day is over. So since I live here, even when I’m not on the schedule, I usually end up helping out with little things here and there like driving the trailer to the ramp to get a boat and stuff like that. In a typical week, I’ll ride 4 times or so. This is the winter though, so this is the slow riding season.

There’s also some phone answering and email checking, but they don’t have me doing too much of that yet, and I’m happy to not be doing a lot of that at the moment. I’m here to wakeboard! Saturdays are my least favorite day, because we clean the whole place on those days. I really don’t enjoy cleaning. I’ve learned that over the years. I’m fine cleaning my stuff, but there’s no way I could have a janitorial job, I’d quit on day one. But usually after cleaning, we’ll go ride the rolly weekend water if it’s not too bad.

In the evenings, we go bowling somewhat frequently and I get talked in to going to the sports bar across the street to have a drink (they have beer, I have pop or water or anything else I can think of that’s not alcohol) and watch the local bar-goers.

For all you concerned about my church-going, yes, I am attending church. It’s funny, down here, I really look forward to going to church because it’s different than what I’m surrounded by all day. In Utah, it was just more of the same stuff so I didn’t enjoy it as much. I guess I’m the kind of person that wants what isn’t right before me…or something. Most of the ward members are converts, and it’s a well-attended ward. Okay, that’s long enough for this post.

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“some of them flippy spinny things” – nice. Your job sounds a lot like what it was like back when I was a river guide in Idaho. I gotta say, it makes me all sorts of jealous.

I’m not jealous. Florida. ’nuff said.


I love the fact that you are working doing what you have a passion for, not because it pays the most, or that it is stabile or whatever. This mood and environment you describe also reminds me of a past job that I had in Costa Rica…I also enjoyed churchgoing a lot more outside of mainland Utah. I felt like I was less of a face in the crowd…I was definitely more motivated.

Thanks for all the comments guys. The main reason I think I’m able to do this right now is because I’m a couple steps behind all of you…no wife and no kids! I’ll just have to get me some of those down here so I can keep doing what I love.

You know I was just jesting right? I agree with Casey. I am now doing graphic/fine art on my own (self employed) and it’s not easy, and stable, well time will tell. But, I haven’t ever been this happy at a “job” I had. You sound like you are experiencing the same thing.