I Am Alive, and Well


Well, in the past hour, I’ve received 2 requests to update this here blog of mine. So I suppose I will.

I’ll go in this order:
– Excuses
– Update on stuff
– Excuses for the future

Right now I’m living out of bags, and just recently put a wireless network card in my desktop computer. I am finally getting used to primarily using my laptop, as I used my desktop for 99% of my INTERNETING in the past. I still prefer the desktop, but its location has a weak wireless signal, so right now I’m using the laptop where the signal is stronger. Anyway, most of my files and such are on the desktop, so that threw a good hitch in my blogging practices.

I dig it here! I’m in the middle of my third week here at the camp. So far, the campers have consisted of 4 Canadians, one Mexican, 2 Australians, 3 Swedes, and a couple locals (one of which is a local cop, Johnny Law we call him). Kind of neat that other than the locals, no people from the USA have been here yet. So I’ve learned some Spanish and Swedish words, but not very much.

As far as coaching goes, I started by just being on the boats during the coaching. Then I drove a bit. Now I’ve spent 2 full days coaching solo. My first day I taught Andrew, the French-Canadian, how to do a front roll. That was awesome. I’ve coached before, so I’m pretty comfy with that, but I find myself doubting my technique a little now because I’m surrounded by such great coaches. It’s so laid back here though that I really feel trusted by the other guys, which is cool. I think it’s like any other job as far as getting comfortable with my surroundings and gaining confidence…only a lot more fun.

I’ve ridden a fair amount, about a few times a week. That should change to almost every day as soon as the holiday stuff passes and people get back in town. A huge perk of the job is that we get to ride almost every day if we want, and we do want!

This is the most racially diverse place I’ve ever lived, and I like it. The only other Mormons I’ve ran into are the ones at church, a bit of a change from Utah. I’m looking forward to getting a place of my own so I feel like I actually live here. Right now it still kind of seems like a vacation. I went home to Oregon for Christmas, so I still haven’t been here longer than 2 weeks at a time.

Excuses for the Future
Soon, I’ll have my condo in St. George sold, and the hunt for living quarters will begin. I assume that during that time I won’t be posting very often either. Until that time, I’ll try to do better!

Just as I was proofreading this, another camper showed up. He’s Demetris, a guy from Greece, so yet another foreigner, awesome.

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I’m glad to hear things are going well for you so far, Billis. Keep us updated on things, and good luck finding a place to reside.