So I went for a Sunday drive today to explore around my new home town. It’s surely quite different looking around here than in St. George, Utah. It’s green everywhere, nothing rocky, just some rolling hills with lakes everywhere and a lot of citrus orchards. It’s pretty good stuff.

I saw a sign that said “Howey-In-The-Hills 12.” It was on a green road sign, so I was confused. Could there really be a town called Howey-In-The-Hills? So I drove there, and sure enough, here it is!

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Welcome to Florida. LOL

That is the coolest name for a place. Does it really have all the hyphens?

Yes sir, the hyphens and everything. So awesome.

How did you ever find our blog page? I am glad you did! How are things going for you? Bet you are on the lake a lot! The boys have been playing basketball, I am sure they could use your help! Have fun out there!

I’d like an update. 😉