Coast to Coast Summary


Well here it is. The full map of the coast-to-coast. Started in Lincoln city, Oregon on November 24 and arrived in Clermont, FL on December 7. The grand total miles ended up being 3,931 miles, and we probably hit 4,000 with the little detours we went on.

It was an awesome trip. I’ll list the touristish highlights of the trip:

I may have missed some because we saw so many cool things, but that’s the general idea. It was all quite cool. The best part was that I did it all with my Dad, Bill Sr. He made the trip fun and there really wasn’t any time when either of us felt sick of driving or anything. If anything, we thought it went too quickly. We didn’t get to see the shuttle launch because it got delayed a bunch, but we did fire off a little rocket 600 feet into the air, so that was just about as good!

I’ll post more about my experience as a wakeboard coach, but right now I’ll end with the conclusion of the trip. Good stuff.

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