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Well, we’re here in my new home, Clermont, Florida. Kind of funny stuff we are both (me and Bill Sr.) going through. Today we were talking about how it’s weird that we’re done, and it’s almost kind of a let down that we have no more distance to drive East. But today was a good day. We woke up, went to the beach. It was pretty neato, the sand was covered in countless little pieces of broken up seashells. We drove down the coastline and ate at Two Can Terry’s. Both had the flounder sandwich, good stuff.

We continued south to Cape Canaveral, where we did the NASA thing. We were hoping to catch the shuttle launch tomorrow, but it’s been postponed til Sunday. We probably won’t be able to make it. Our final stop was in Clermont. That’s where I’ll live and “work.” We’ve been wearing shorts and t-shirts all day. Oh, also, when we showed up in Clermont, the whole stinking town was gathered around this spot a few blocks away from the camp. It was a “Light Up Clermont” event. It reminded me of a town gathering on Funny Farm. Good stuff.

So here’s today’s travel.

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Congrats! You’ll have to take pictures of your new home and town.

And it is snowing here right now.

Sweet, Billis! Congrats on making it there in one piece and good luck with things in your new life. That sounds like fun if you can be in shorts and tshirts all day… it’s been raining here the last few days.