Allergic to Low Pressure?


This post comes from Albuquerque, New Mexico, right next to the Rio Grande river. Lately my allergies have been annoying, and my sinuses are the first thing to go when that happens. Parts of the drive today climbed up to just over 5,000 feet of elevation. As we climbed these hills, I noticed my sinus pressure started increasing and my eyes got a little blurry from the water starting to well up. Really weird, but once we got down lower, the atmosphere must have pushed them back down to size, because I was fine, very strange.

Anyway, we took a look down at the power plant in the Hoover Dam and found a huge crater made by a meteor in North East Arizona, just East of Flagstaff. It’s pretty cool. It’s 4,000 feet across and 700 feet deep. Anyway, good drive so far. Oh, one real bad thing happened. We stayed at a friend’s place last night, and apparently today when he came home, his apartment had been broken into and his Air Jordans were stolen along with some other things. So that really sucks for him, he’s the biggest Jordan fan I’ve met.

So good trip to this point, hopefully it will keep up.

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I think you forgot about the part that it was you that robbed us! And that they trashed the apartment…and the best part, the cops were a bunch of d-bags. Oh well…who cares now, right?