So today something happened that hasn’t happened to me before. I saw some friends (well, due to circumstances, more acquaintances, but I could see us as good friends if the chance was there) at the local grocery store who are readers of this here blog. It was funny.

I don’t know if they (the Niederhausers) felt the same awkwardness that I felt at first, but it was pretty good stuff. The blog took care of the initial small talk that usually occurs when people see each other for the first time in a good while. It didn’t help that my mind locks up whenever I see them because both of their names are androgynous (Kelly and Casey), and that’s too much for my brain to handle. It always takes me a minute to remember which K-sounding name belongs to whom. So sorry, if you guys are reading this, but that’s why I was so stupid there at first!

So after a bit of good awkwardness and an awesome why-did-I-ask-that question, normality ensued. My question was “Is that your girl?” I was referring to their daughter, who was in Casey’s arms at the time. Yeah, I’m sure they go around kidnapping at the local grocery store.

It was cool though, the rest of the conversation picked up like we’d been hanging out, keeping current on things. They asked about Florida and stuff like that. I mentioned Casey’s pictures, since he’s a man of images, not words, at least online.

Anyway, I found that it was kind of a weird thing that wouldn’t have happened if I had no blog. With all that said, I think you guys, Kelly and Casey, need to get a blog going so I can ask more up-to-date questions during our next random encounter!

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It is a weird thing isn’t it? More and more our online presence merges with our day-to-day lives. In many ways it’s great, in some ways it is weird. I find it a good thing that I can keep up with people lives and know what is going on.

I feel like a celebrity now 🙂 Casey and I have discussed the different levels of small talk, or seeing people you don’t know that well. Sometimes you avoid them, sometimes you just walk by and say hi. Sometimes you slow down a little and exchange how’s it goings. And sometimes you dive into conversation. It’s healthy to do that, even if awkward 🙂

Billy you totally remind me of a friend of mine who I grew up with. You look alike and he likes to talk about awkwardness too. Isn’t it weird when people tell you you remind them of someone?

I had a distinct feeling that that conversation would get blogged about. It was like, hey, I should pull up to see what Billy wrote about us! haha- Anyways- thanks for calling me on the writing…I need to do more…No need for blog-kwardness next time.

Haha, I figured you guys would be let down if I didn’t blog about it.

Yeah Kelly (I love your clarification of being “the girl one”), for some reason, I get told that a lot down here, that I remind people of someone. I think I must have been born with a twin and he got shipped down here or something. I’m glad you dove in and got some conversation going, it helped melt the awkwardness right away.