Many Much Travels


I haven’t been posting much lately due to my travels. First I went to Lake Powell for a few days, then to Oregon for a few more days, and tomorrow I’ll be headed to Vegas for another few days.

Powell was fun. Stayed on a houseboat with around 10 people. The water wasn’t too keen for wakeboarding, so we rode some doubles. That’s always fun because of the cool angle you get to see stuff from, but it’s tiring due to edging out more than normal.

One super neato thing that happened was this shooting star I saw. Being out in Powell, the view of the stars is incredible. There aren’t any big cities anywhere near where we were, so it was nice and dark and the sky was totally flooded with stars. There were a bunch of shooting stars, but one stood out. I had my eyes closed while on top of the houseboat when I saw a flash. I opened my eyes and straight above us was a very bright orange streak in the sky. It stayed bright for a good 5 seconds, then took another 10 seconds to totally fade away. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

The Oregon trip was just to visit my family. All of us but my older sister were there. We went to the Enchanted Forest, which is always awesome. Then we visited my Grandparents. They’re pretty sharp for their age. My Grandpa Rupo (Rupert) turns 90 on Sept 11 and he was telling us about his service in World War II with great detail. We hung out with them and even had dinner at their new rest home, good stuff.

We went to good old Lake Billy Chinook the next day. It being a Saturday, I didn’t wakeboard (bad water). We just went up one of the arms and hung out on the boat. It was pretty cool, a big crane was hanging out on the shore. It was quiet enough to hear the wings move through the air when it flew from one side of the water to the other.

Nothing much more than that happened. My parents still have this cat we got when I was in Jr. High I think; it just won’t die. I’m allergic to cats, always have been, and we’ve always had them in our house, nice. My throat got so closed up and scratchy this time, I decided to resort to wearing a face mask in the house. That’s right, I was rocking the surgery style breathing mask thinger in my own parents’ house. It worked great too! Now that cat just needs to kick the bucket.

Oh, the Vegas trip will have a couple cool things. First, Bill Sr. and I are headed to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Then we’ll go watch Team USA take on Team Canada in the FIBA tournament to try to qualify for the 2008 Olympics. Good times!

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Be nice to the poor cat. I think our cat is older though… so there. Have they paved the road to the skywalk yet? I heard it is a bumpy drive, or was when they first opened it.

I used to work at a pet hospital and this lady comes in crying and said her cat wasn’t doing well. I asked her for her information to look her up in the database, and I located her file and her cat was 21 years old! Ummm…no wonder! I once had a hamster that wouldn’t die. Usually all my hamsters lived like 2 years or less but this one lived like 5. I got him in middle school, when it was fun/hip/rad to have one, then I still had him in high school. Not cool.