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Now, this isn’t particularly an Amway/Quixtar post, but I put it in here because it’s an MLM thing. I was driving home tonight at 12:30am from a friend’s house. I came to an intersection near the Dixie Center to find a group of men in suits, every one in a red tie, crossing the street. Further up the street I saw more well dressed people (all the men had red ties) making the late night walk back to their hotels. I figured it must be some kind of Quixtar convention. Upon further research, it appears that it’s a 4-day Team Freedom convention.

I did a little searching, and from my findings, it looks to be a pre-paid legal services group. Now, from the little I’ve seen and dealt with from these pre-paid legal groups, it seems like a fully functioning MLM Ponzi scheme. So naturally, all the men wearing “power ties” isn’t a surprise. One funny thing I noticed is that this here calendar shows the scheduled meeting time is 8am – 2pm. That means that this 6 hour meeting went 10 hours over the set time! 10 hours! I’ve heard of Quixtar meetings lasting til 2am at times, and apparently those ridiculously long winded meetings are spread across the entire MLM world.

Now, one last bit here. For a couple weeks, I’ve been tossing an idea around. I took part in a little forum I found on the INTERNET about Quixtar. I planned on posting my input here on BillyStyle. I’m still not sure if I really want all that negativity on here, but I think I’ll go through with it over the next week. Being that these MLM schemes are such a sneaky trap, I feel it necessary to do what I can to warn people. And the couple times I’ve posted about MLM garbage, I’ve received a fair amount of traffic, so I know people read it. Anyway, if that’s not your bag, sorry for the next group of posts I’m going to put up.

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I think you just need to start your own MLM. 🙂

MLM “opportunity” rather.

Haha, if I do, I’ll let you be my #2.

Dang, If I’m #3 I don’t get any money!

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