I had to mail something to a friend today, and for some reason I got the wise idea of throwing the whole ZIP+4® code on there. It’s easy these days with the INTERNET to find the full ZIP+4® (yes, apparently it is a registered trademark, which is awesome) as they call it, so I did. Curious as to what the USPS has to say about it, I looked it up and found that:

Using the correct ZIP+4® code reduces the number of handlings and significantly decreases the potential for error and possibility of misdelivery.

I also found what each part of the ZIP+4® code means:

The nine digits of a ZIP+4® code (e.g., 12345-6789) may be grouped as follows: [123] [45] – [67] [89 ]

  • [123] : Sectional Center or Large City
  • [45] : Post Office facility or Delivery Area
  • – : The required “dash” or “hyphen” separates the first five digits from the last four digits; the +4
  • [67] : Sector or Several Blocks
  • [89] : Segment or One Side of a Street

So there you have that. Here is the full article on the meaning of a Zip Code, including what the acronym, ZIP, stands for!

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This new background is wicked pissa, by the way.