Draft Tomorrow


Hot diggity dog am I ever excited! I haven’t mentioned it since lottery day on here, but the NBA Draft is Thursday! Word just got out that my Blazers plan on picking Greg Oden with their very first pick overall. I think that’s good. I’ve been kind of torn between him and Durant, just like everyone paying attention to the draft. But my first idea was for them to pick Oden, and it still feels to be the best pick.

Over the past month I’ve read just about every kind of comparison of the two players. The general consensus is that both will be franchise players. Most seem to think though that Oden will be more likely to be the key element to a championship team, while Durant will be an individual superstar. I didn’t know this until today, but in Greg’s basketball life (since 3rd grade I guess), he’s only lost 17 games. That’s just crazy. He’s such a presence that any team he’s on is leaps and bounds better. Having a guy of his size and ability in the paint gets in the other team’s head and really alters the game.

So hopefully this won’t be another Bowie before Jordan thing, but ya never know. They do have 4 second round picks to play around with too. I’ll be watching the whole time. Go Blazers!

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