Sequoia View


I’ve been using a pretty nifty program for a few years now. It’s called Sequoia View. It scans a disk drive on your computer and displays the files on the drive graphically, based on file size and type. I’ve found it to be quite helpful when I am looking to clear up some storage on my hard drives. I’ve found large groups of files that I forgot about and no longer needed. You can color code different file types so you get a clearer picture of what files are being represented. You can do a number of things within the program that will help to zero in on where files are located on your disk drives.

It is no longer being updated with new versions, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine because it seems to work without a hitch for me. Sorry Mac users, it’s only for Windows. I imagine OS X may have something similar by now, but I have no need to find out.

Download it here.

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