Leave Less Behind


I have the amazing ability to lose something in less than a minute’s time. I can be holding it, set it down, take a few steps, then completely forget where I left it. It’s pretty awesome. Now, I’ve figured out a little trick that helps me not so much avoid losing things at home, but in public places.

Typically I will have my keys with me in public places, like restaurants, work, somebody’s house, etc. If I want to set something down, like a wallet, sunglasses, and what have you, chances are I’ll leave it behind on my way out. I’ve learned that as soon as I set that thing down, I should take out my keys and place them right there with the object. That ensures that even if I forget the stuff, I’ll realize I have no way of getting back into my car as I leave, so I’ll go back in and get my stuff.

The only way I can see this failing, other than thievery, is completely forgetting I even drove there and bumming a ride off of somebody else. At that point, I think I deserve to leave that stuff behind.

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