I now hold a 2-0 lifetime record in the game of horseshoes. I was at a barbeque tonight where a horseshoe pit was set up. I decided it was about time I give that game a shot. I’ve just never been around when people are playing it. Strange, it’s a game that’s interested me since it involves throwing things to a precise spot.

Anyway, I started off pretty poorly. My teammate (we played in teams of 2) was scoring quite a bit, so I think I scored only 3 or 4 points, but we still won. I then got a new teammate and we fell behind by 8 points I think. We crept back in and got the victory, scoring just one point on every turn I think after that, and ending with my first ringer!

All in all I had a good variety of shots. Plenty of misses, one ringer, a leaner, and a number of very close tosses. It’s pretty fun. I can see myself possibly playing horseshoes when I’m a crusty old man and can’t do anything more physical than that.

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