I happened across a service online that is kind of handy. It’s called DailyLit. The idea is that you can read any book in their database over a period of time by reading it in segments. The segments are sent to you via email or RSS feed over a period of a few weeks or months, depending on the length of the book.

Right now, their catalog isn’t very big, but I’m hoping that they will continue to grow. Nothing I’ve found in there really interests me, but I see it as a lazy man’s library, and I’m all about laziness!

Link: DailyLit

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Dude, that is a pretty cool find. There are a few books I am interested in reading on there (The Count of Monte Cristo, Great Expectations, and The Idiot) so I’ll check it on out.

Tom, The Count of Monte Cristo is a great book! I only read the abridged version, but still. I’m too much of a purist to go for this thing, though! But it sounds perfect for you guys, AJ included.