DVR Time


I have finally arrived into the 21st century! Yesterday I went down to good old Baja Broadband (check out their amazing website) and upgraded my basic cable account. For years, Charter was the main cable company here, then Orange Broadband bought them, and they changed their name to Baja Broadband. Ever since the most recent change, the audio on some commercials has been all messed up, and their custom commercials (they embed regular commercials in their own little template thing they made to add their branding) look like a kid in junior high made them.

But I found out they offer some HD channels, which Charter never did, so I figured, hey, I’ll try it out. I ended up getting the digital box, which has a 160 gig hard drive for its DVR, as well as an HD tuner (or whatever it’s called). I’ve got so many things hooked up to my receiver, I was sure I’d lose some funcitonality, but I lucked out and still have everything hooked up with only 2 changes. My PS2 now has RCA audio instead of optical (I’m sure I won’t even notice), and I lost the ability to use the split screen on my TV for watching 2 different channels at the same time (I think I can get it back if I get a coax splitter).

I got the whole thing set up pretty quickly, and I love it! The HD channels look great, and I have a ridiculous amount of other channels now. I wanted to use the DVR, so I started programming it to record a bunch of shows. So exciting! I even found a movie playing last night that I’ve been trying to get a hold of for a while now, but couldn’t find; Pure Luck with Martin Short and Danny Glover. The grand total that I’ll have to pay on top of what is included in my HOA each month (I live in a condo neighborhood) came to a whopping $7. Nice.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of HD.

Pure Luck! Thumbs up! Very nice!

Give me Tivo or give me death!!!

P.S. Don’t you love the overuse the exclamation point?