Egg On My Finger


About a week ago I got a sliver (maybe multiple slivers) from something at work. I don’t remember much about it now, but it went right under the edge of my index finger fingernail. I tried to get them out, but it was plastic (I think) and I couldn’t even see the slivers. I forgot about it and now a week later, my finger has begun to get irritated. So it’s obviously still in there. Last night I searched all over the INTERNET to see if I could find a miraculous way to remove slivers. I found this: Yahoo Answers. That sounds pretty wild, egg yolk and salt. I found another salve online that has all kinds of other stuff in it, but is still just supposed to be good at lifting out slivers.

So I tried the egg thing about 10 minutes ago. We’ll see if it works. If it does, that’s one of the most awesome and random home remedies I know of. Who in the world came up with such a thing?

Update: I took the egg/bandaid combo off after about a half hour due to slimyness. After work, I came home and soaked the finger in some hot water for a couple minutes (adhering to the advice of a wise woman at work) then got the tweezers and got ready to start digging. After just a few swipes at the area, a brown sliver of significant length emerged. I didn’t even have to grab it with the tweezers, it just stuck to one of the prongs. I thought the sliver was something clear, but that’ll do. Now I wait to see if the pain and swelling go away.

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Awesome. So some of these crazy home remedies work, eh? Sweet