I Found a Snake Man


Today after work, I walked up the road in front of my place to check the mail. I noticed something move by my foot, and it turned out to be a snake. It was right in front of my garage, so I got a box and caught the sucker! I’ve never seen one patterned this way before and I have no idea what kind it is. It’s only about 8″ to 10″ long, and not too big around. The orange is very vivid in the sun. Straight stripes, only orange and black. Any clues? (the picture was taken with my camcorder since I have no proper camera, sorry about the poor quality)

Comments (2)

I caught several of these while I lived in St. George and I think this is your boy:

I believe their yellow banding becomes more visible as they mature.

BTW, classic Sandler reference.

“…one time, I fed it some beer, man…it was slithering this way and that!”