Lockdown at Gardens South


Yesterday, I got this nice paper taped to my front door. I’ll give a quick run down of where I live here. It’s in a condo neighborhood, in which all of the units belong to an HOA. The area has two entryways from the main street. About two weeks ago, the entry closest to the street, I’ll call it entry one (the lower right entry on the picture), was torn apart, and hasn’t been repaired. I don’t know why it got torn apart, perhaps to install a gutter that runs under curbing instead of the large dip that used to be there. Well, that has sat there untouched for about two weeks. I live in the J building there on the bottom row, so you can see the inconvenience this has already caused me and my neighbors.

Now, this paper I mentioned. It has the drawing below on the back side, and explains that over the next few days, the pavement in the neighborhood will be sealed. I won’t go into how unnecessary I think this sealing is at the moment, for I have other issues. The paper lines out that in order to “allow maximum alternative parking solutions,” this will be done over a three day period, in sections. The planned “Day 1” closes entry two (the upper right entry on the picture) for a 24 hour period. This means that entry one will be closed due to construction that has been apparently forgotten, and entry two will be closed due to sealing. This of course would cause everybody in the neighborhood to have zero vehicular access to the outside world. That’s awesome.

Gardens South Map

The HOA is mostly populated with geriatrics, so who knows, maybe this logic has escaped their ever fading minds. We’ll see. Luckily, I’ll be forced into not being trapped…at least I think. I leave for work before 7am, the planned starting time tomorrow, so I may have no option but to park on the main street upon my return. I’m hoping for the sealing to be postponed for a week to allow the other construction to finish before all this chaos takes place. If that’s the case, I’ll miss the whole thing because I’ll be in Florida, sweet!

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Gardens South is after all a “controlled community” They won’t let you leave unless they say you can leave. Oh, and how long does it take to re-do the entrance? Holy crap it’s taking forever.

Ha! Yeah, I could easily imagine Lee Scott standing guard by our sole entry to the neighborhood, rejecting most who try to pass.

I think it’s been just about one month now that the lower entrance has been closed. Out of that month, I think there have been 3 days that work has been done on it.

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