A Musical Happy Place


From time to time I feel the need to just get away from everything for a little while. Tonight was one of those times. One of my favorite ways to get away is more of a mental state than physically getting away. I’ll take a music player of some sort (these days, my old ipod) and some good headphones, then go to a spot where I can go undisturbed. I prefer to be outside, usually at night, so I can lay back and look at the stars and my surroundings.

Roofs are a great spot to go to for this. Tonight I went out back of my condo and just sat on my deck that overlooks St. George. Once I’m in the right spot, I carefully pick an album to match my mood (shuffle is just no good in this type of situation) and listen to it straight through. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is my most frequently chosen album for these nights. Tonight’s was Trust by Low.

I recommend doing this from time to time. It’s a great way to clear your mind. Try out some different spots and see what works for you.

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It’s different how music is when you are focused on listening to it. I can have music on while I work and that’s fine, but laying in bed with my iPod and really listening to the music is so much more enjoyable…