Utah Grammar, or Lack Thereof


I’ve lived in Utah for around six years now. I’ve heard some things enough to make me concerned about grammar taught in schools here. I didn’t really think people said use-ta-could or might-could until I went to Cedar City. Then I heard a professor in college use those terms.

Those weren’t the most concerning. What blows my mind is that I’ve talked with at least five people who don’t understand how to use the words win and won. Far too often I’ve heard somebody say something like “The Panthers won the Flyers last night.” At first when I heard people make remarks like this, I’d poke fun at them for slipping up. Sadly, my humor wasn’t seen as humor, but rather a confusing new piece of information. None of those five or more people I mentioned before had ever heard the word beat used in such a sentence. So instead of “We won the opponent in the game,” it would be “We beat the opponent in the game.”

I thought everybody knew that one. Good work Utah schools.

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I was just talking about this the other day to a co-worker. My personal favorite in Southern Utah? Overtuhthuh. Usage: Where are you? I’m overtuhthuh Wal-Mart.

well, I knew I was in trouble when I went to say “Corn starch” and instead said “carn storch.”

It was then I realized it was time to leave Hurricane.

Keb, hopefully when you typed in Hurricane, you were thinking it with a long a, instead of a short i. But that’s okay, I need to learn Spanish now that I live in Mexico, er, Arizona.